How to Download TikTok to iPhone or iPad

To download no watermark TikTok videos into your iPhone or iPad, you could use our service to get your favorite ones. Due to Apple security policy, you may can not download tiktok videos from browser. So we recommend you to download TikTok videos with file manager app "Documents by Readdle".

If you don't have it installed, you can go to the Apple Store, search and install "Readdle Documentation". Follow steps will assume you have installed it.

Step 1: Copy video link
  1. Go to TikTok app on your phone or ipad.
  2. Find your target TikTok video and tab the "Share" button.
  3. Tap the "Copy Link" icon on the popup menu to save the TikTok video URL.
Tap the Share button
Step 2: Search the video
  • Start the "Documents by Readdle" app. Locate the Browser icon at the right bottom of app window. Tap it to get into the browser window.
  • Paste the video URL just copied from TikTok app into the input box on the main page of, and click the "Download" icon.
  • Select the format and click the "download" button to download the video.
Tap the Copy Link button
Step 3: Download the video
  • Rename the video/MP3 and download it.
  • Click the "Downloads" icon at the bottom of the window to go to browser "Downloads" list.
  • In the "Downloads" list. Tab on the icon at right of the target video to go to the Downloads directory.
Tap the Copy Link button
Step 4: Save the video
  • Click the three dots button in the download directory to bring up the operate menu
  • Click the "Share" button to bring up the share menu
  • Save the video to your gallery by pressing the "Save video" option button.
Tap the Copy Link button

Сongratulations! Your video is now ready for the playback.